Washer Repair Katy

Washer Repair Katy

Washer Repair Katy is one of the most common repair requests any reputable appliance repair company receives. The reasons are numerous, yet the main cause for most washer repair needs are due to the fact that the average household washer operates nearly every single day for the average family, multiple times per day, as well as every washer creates friction with is necessary for a correct agitation cleaning action. It’s the swishing and sloshing action usually that creates the need for most washer repair requests. Call us today at (832) 321-3758 for any washer repair Katy issue you may have!

Washer Repair Katy Breakdown Causes

While the modern washing machine has thousands of individual piece parts and hundreds of moving parts, eighty percent of all washing machine repairs requested are due to only a handful of malfunctioning items. Before you call any appliance repair company in the Houston or Katy area for washer repair Katy service, you may want to browse our checklist to see if your malfunctioning washing machine is experiencing and of the following mechanical problems:

Washer Repair Katy Malfunctions

  • Water Inlet Valve Malfunction:  Your washer’s water inlet valve connects your water supply lines, both the hot and cold, from the water source located on the wall to the hoses that are attached to the back of your washing machine.  Regardless of whether you have an Amana washer, a Maytag washer, a Kenmore washer, a
    Washer Repair Katy
    Washer Repair Katy

    Whirlpool washer, a GE washer, a Frigidaire washer, a Samsung washer, a LG washer or an Electrolux washer, every washing machine will have two water supply lines which ultimately feed water into the washer unit’s tub.  The water inlet valve is where the hot and cold supply lines attach to the washer.  It contains two solenoids that open and close at the required times for both the hot and cold incoming water supply.  It’s a common washer repair Katy issue for this water inlet valve to freeze in either the open or closed positions, thereby supplying your washing machine’s tub with the incorrect amount of water or even allowing a water leak should it experience any cracks.  Carefully inspect the water inlet valve for any leaks using a flashlight as even hairline fractures in your washing machine’s inlet valve can cause deleterious operating results.

  • Water Level Switch Malfunction:  Your washing machine’s water level switch is commonly referred to as a water pressure switch as it operates by air pressure to turn the switch into either the on or off position as needed.  Your washing machine’s water level switch’s function is to sense and control for the proper level of water in the washer’s tub.  This is accomplished via a hollow plastic tube that runs vertically all the way to the bottom of the tub in an area that is usually hidden from view and away from potential wear and tear.  As the water level rises in the tub, the plastic tube fills with water which in turn forces the trapped air inside the tub to rise.  This increases the air pressure inside the tub to the point where it becomes sufficient to flip the water level switch into the off position.  An inoperable water level switch is a common reason for washer repair calls as it will interfere with your washer’s normal cycling action, as well as filling the washer with water that is of the incorrect volume and temperature.  Before you call for washer repair Katy service, attempt to locate the plastic vertical air tube to inspect it for any cracks, bends, or breaks.  Replacing this air pressure tube is usually inexpensive and can be accomplished on the first washer repair trip provided the part is inventoried on the appliance repair service vehicle upon arrival.

Washer Repair Katy Service Call

If your are experiencing any of the aforementioned washer repair issues, call one of our experienced appliance repair service technicians today who will be able to very quickly diagnose your washing machine’s malfunction, and our washer repair Katy Service Call is FREE, FREE, FREE with a qualified repair!  We offer same day appliance repair service in the entire Houston and Katy metro area.  Visit us at www.Houston-Katy-Appliance-Repair.com or give one of our service directors a call at (832) 321-3758.  We’re here to help.

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