Common Refrigerator Problems

Common Refrigerator Problems

Common refrigerator problems occur with such frequency that its helpful if a homeowner can self-diagnose at least a few of the more common refrigerator problems on his/her own without calling in an experienced appliance repair technician every time refrigerator trouble appears. If a minor troubleshooting effort can be applied with ease and success, a homeowner can minimize his/her repair expenses as well as cost due to spoilage of food or other perishables. Some of the most common refrigerator problems and a diagnostic solution include the following:

Diagnostic Checklist for Refrigerator Problems

  1.  Check refrigerator for proper electrical power:  A simple lack of electrical power is a common refrigerator problem and can easily be determined or eliminated as a cause by slowly pulling your refrigerator out of its space and checking to see if the power cord plug is properly seated in the electrical outlet. Unplug the refrigerator power cord plug from the outlet and then fully re-insert it to confirm a proper and snug seating. Take precaution to ensure that while checking for this common refrigerator problem that you are not standing in or touching any water that that be the result of dripping condensate, leaking water from an overflow pan or melting frost or ice. Remember that water and electricity don’t mix!
  2. Check refrigerator power cord for problems:  If the above problem was eliminated as a cause of your refrigerator’s failure, inspect your refrigerator’s electrical power cord for any abnormalities. Problems to look for may include fraying, any discoloration on the cord’s insulation, sharp or radical kinks or bends, cuts, nicks or burn spots. If any of these conditions are discovered, contact an experienced and qualified appliance repair technician to change it out to a safe and reliable electrical power cord. This is imperative as a compromised power cord could cause a whole host of problems, ranging from causing wear and tear on your compressor to causing a house fire.
  3. Check you refrigerator line’s circuit breaker or GFI:  If the above issues have been eliminated, continue your common refrigerator problems investigation by checking the main circuit breaker for the area of the house which contains the refrigerator. Ensure that there aren’t any flipped breakers on the control panel itself. If there is, reset by flipping the individual switch back to the ON position. If this switch flips back off again after any time period, it most likely indicates an electrical control panel issue and only a certified and reliable electrician should allowed to investigate
    Common Refrigerator Problems in Houston and Katy, TX
    Common Refrigerator Problems

    and repair the problem. All of the same procedures apply to the GFI (ground fault interrupt) your refrigerator is connected to. Similar to a circuit breaker switch, it is situated most likely in an electrical outlet box on the interior of the home. Tripped GFI’s are a very common refrigerator problem and can usually be resolved simply by resetting the button.

Houston and Katy Refrigerator Problem Professionals

By utilizing this very simple checklist for common refrigerator problems in the Houston or Katy, TX metro area, a homeowner can quickly eliminate a significant portion of appliance problems requiring professional appliance repair assistance. However, if none of these items resolve your refrigerator’s problems, contact one of our certified appliance repair professionals today by visiting us at We can also be reached at most hours by calling us at (832) 321-3758. We have a Best in the Business Warranty that we are extremely proud of and our clients enjoy because it enhances their peace of mind when selecting their appliance repair provider. We are here to help.

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