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Why does my oven not heat up?

Have you ever asked, “Why doesn’t my oven heat heat up or come on?”  If so, its possible one of the following malfunctions may be present in with your oven’s components:

  • Your oven’s bake or broil element is burned out or broken if its an electric oven. It’s made of a material called Calrod and it’s susceptible to increased chances of failure the older it gets. Check it for burn marks or breaks. Running your oven’s self clean feature is also very hard on bake and broil heating elements. If it fails to heat right after you ran a self clean function, there’s a pretty good chance one or both of those components are damaged.
  • If your oven or range is gas, its possible your oven’s solid state igniter is burned out or cracked. Its made of a material called Carborundum which is mined from the Earth, yet it’s quite brittle and susceptible to mechanical or electrical failure. Check it for cracks or burn spots.
  • Your oven’s safety thermostat could be blown. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as age, excess heat buildup, self clean feature used excessively, or a failure of your oven’s exhaust system. Checking your oven’s safety thermostat is somewhat more complicated, so you may want to call in an oven repair expert if you don’t feel comfortable checking this component.

So if you find yourself with oven, cook top or range problems, give one of our oven repair experts a call today at (832) 321-3758. It would be our pleasure to help!

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