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Refrigerator Repair in Houston – Katy

Refrigerator Repair Houston Katy

Refrigerator repair in Houston Katy isn’t something the average resident spends much of their day dwelling on. However, when you consider that the refrigerator is the single most commonly used appliance in every household and continuously runs 24/7, 365 days per year, it’s prudent to consider some of the main refrigerator ailments in order to possibly avoid premature refrigerator repairs or even replacement! Call us at (832) 321-3758 for refrigerator repair Houston Katy service today!

Refrigerator Repair Houston Katy – Compressor

Your refrigerator’s compressor, which is a combination of a motor and a pump,  generates a large amount of heat while performing its task of moving refrigerant through its system. Since the compressor’s main function is to cool the refrigerator, leaving the door open122330631 - man fixing refrig back unnecessarily long or repeated openings and closings of the door causes the compressor to work overtime which creates heat within it’s structure. This in turn requires it to be cooled immediately. If a door is left open for an extended period of time, it can cause the compressor to actually overheat, thereby causing it to shut down until it cools off to a factory-set predetermined level. It could be time for refrigerator repair Houston Katy service at this point in the breakdown. When you consider that the compressor is the single most expensive component in a refrigerator to repair, it only makes sense to remember the physical constraints often times unnecessarily placed on this critical component.

Refrigerator Repair Houston Katy – Door Seals and Gaskets

Katy Houston Refrigerator Repair
Katy Houston Refrigerator Repair

The entire concept behind refrigeration principles centers around the method of taking warm air where it is not desired and moving it to an area where its presence is less undesirable. In order to achieve this, the inside of the refrigerator’s unit must remain cool within a certain small band of temperature variation. If the refrigerator’s door seals or gaskets are compromised in any way, whether they be worn, torn or even missing, this will lead to cold air escaping and allowing the movement of warmer air back into the cold space. Therefore, its a good idea to occasionally inspect your refrigerator’s door seals and gaskets to ensure they are producing a nice firm and uniform seal. If they appear physically undamaged but nonetheless dirty, it’s safe and prudent to clean them with some warm water or a small dollop of Vaseline, or refrigerator repair Houston Katy service may be called for at this point to keep the problem from getting worse. Which is every day parlance means “expensive.”

Refrigerator Repair Houston Katy for Proper Air Flow and Circulation

Your refrigerator requires a certain amount of unrestricted air flow to ensure its proper performance. Anything that impedes this airflow will significantly reduce its efficiency and lifespan. When your refrigerator’s airflow is restricted, heat is trapped and not allowed to escape, which forces the compressor to overwork, creating even more heat and higher pressure in it’s system.  Make sure there are at least several inches of space on the top, sides and underneath the unit for air to freely circulate. Clean out any dust and debris that may clog the vents near the front of the refrigerator down near the floor. If you are experiencing any refrigerator service or performance problems, or any other appliance issues for that matter, contact one of our appliance repair and service technicians for same-day refrigerator repair Houston Katy service at (832) 321-3758 or at

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