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Gas Fireplace Service and Repair

We offer gas fireplace service, repair, cleaning and maintenance on all major brands of gas fireplaces in the Katy, Houston, Richmond, Cypress, Fulshear, TX areas.

Do you have a gas fireplace but the pilot light gas flame is not lit? Is your gas fireplace’s glass hard to see through due to carbon and soot buildup? Is your gas fireplace’s remote control not working? Is your gas fireplace not coming on? Is your gas fireplace’s flame weak or inadequate? Are you afraid its not been tested for potentially deadly carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks? Well if you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above, call one of our friendly expert fireplace repair and service technicians today for fast service. We service and repair most all brands of gas fireplaces, such as Heat-N-Glow, Mendota ,Majestic, Monessen, Napoleon, Kingsman, Empire, Flame Fireplaces, FMI, and more…

Our gas fireplace service and maintenance 12 Point Inspection visit includes the following:

  • Clean both sides of the glass to remove soot and carbon
  • Start and clean pilot light assembly of carbon buildup
  • Remove carbon buildup from thermocoupler and adjust
  • Remove carbon buildup from thermopile and adjust
  • Replace glowing embers in bottom of the fireplace
  • Vacuum out soot and carbon buildup from interior of the unit
  • Start main burner flame and adjust gas flow
  • Test unit for natural gas leaks and deadly carbon monoxide exposure
  • Adjust the fireplace’s remote control unit and replace batteries
  • Replace defective wall switches
  • Test or replace the gas fireplace’s Piezo starter ignitor
  • inspect for heat safety screen or replace damaged screen

Gas fireplace service, repair, cleaning and maintenance in Katy, TX or Houston, TX metro areas.
Gas Fireplace Service, Maintenance, Repair & Cleaning

So if you need fast service, cleaning, maintenance or repair on your direct vent gas fireplace, call us today at 832-321-3758 ! Unlike most other service companies, our expert service technicians know how to service and repair both major home appliances AND gas fireplaces. We’re that good and our expert knowledge of all these products shows!

And don’t forget to let us check your gas fireplace for any natural gas leaks or deadly carbon monoxide exposure! Keep your family not only warm, but safe!