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Samsung washer repair Katy service requests is not only our appliance repair specialty, its also a frequently requested service call received by our trained service advisors here at Houston Katy Appliance Repair.  While its true that Samsung washers are a leading washing machine brand with impressive reliability statistics, approximately 1-2% of these technologically advanced appliances will ultimately result in a Samsung washer repair Katy service order being placed.  While the reasons for an expert Samsung washer repair Katy request, or any other leading washing machine brand for that matter, can be numerous, below is a listing of washing machine malfunctions not uncommon to many washing machine brands:

Common Samsung Washer Repair Katy Malfunctions

  • Need to Fix Leaking Washer
  • Washing machine motor failure or stall
  • Washing machine accumulates rust around the bleach dispenser
  • Bleach dispenser deposits rust particles into the washer’s clothes load
  • Washer pump cracks, drips or outright fails
    Samsung Washer Repair Katy
    Samsung Washer Repair Katy
  • Motor makes grinding noise on high-speed spin cycle
  • Washer’s drum sensor malfunctions or completely fails
  • Washer water pump intermittently jams or fails to deliver water flow
  • Washer’s water inlet valve leaks, clogs or fails
  • Loads become easily unbalanced resulting in error code readings
  • Wash, rinse spin cycle repeats out of proper sequence
  • Washer’s water inlet hose cracks or leaks water outside of the tub
  • Complete main control board failure
  • “8E” error code due to faulty MEMS Sensor
  • Samsung washer bangs around and makes a banging noise
  • Washer’s water level sensor fails to dispense proper water level
  • Washer’s door latch lock assembly breaks or fails to lock
  • Washer’s solenoid valve fails resulting in jammed washing machine inlet valves


Samsung Washer Door Bellows Boot Seal Replacement

Samsung washer door boot seal replacement is our Samsung washer repair badge of expertise as we’ve replaced scores of these washer door boot seals in Katy & the Houston metro area. Replacing a Samsung front load washer door bellows boot seal is a complicated process that involves more that 40 different discrete and important steps. Missing just one critical step could possibly cause a catastrophic failure as the washer door boot seal repair is the only thing that keeps all that water inside your Samsung front load washer and not on your floor! We are the best at front load washer door boot seal replacements and we’ll prove it to you so call one of our experienced Samsung washer repair technicians today at (832) 321-3758.

Samsung Washing Machine Drain Pump Assembly Replacement

Is your Samsung washer not draining properly? Is your Samsung front load or top load washer not advancing in their cycle and seemingly stuck? is your Samsung washer giving off a “ND” error code? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, your Samsung washer may be in need of a drain pump assembly repair. Samsung washer drain pump malfunction is a very common repair our expert Samsung washer repair technicians remedy each day. In fact, we repair more Samsung washers and dryers than anyone in the metro area, so call us today!

Samsung Washer Repair Katy Service

If you are experiencing any of the above washing machine issues and your require expert Samsung washer repair Katy service, don’t hesitate to contact one of our trained washing machine repair service advisors today.  We can be reached by calling (832) 321-3758 or by visiting us online at  We want to be your rapid & reliable same-day Samsung washer repair Katy service provider!  We’re here to help.

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