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Gas Fireplace Service and Repair

We offer gas fireplace service, repair, cleaning and maintenance on all major brands of gas fireplaces in the Katy, Houston, Richmond, Cypress, Fulshear, TX areas.

Do you have a gas fireplace but the pilot light gas flame is not lit? Is your gas fireplace’s glass hard to see through due to carbon and soot buildup? Is your gas fireplace’s remote control not working? Is your gas fireplace not coming on? Is your gas fireplace’s flame weak or inadequate? Are you afraid its not been tested for potentially deadly carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks? Well if you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above, call one of our friendly expert fireplace repair and service technicians today for fast service. We service and repair most all brands of gas fireplaces, such as Heat-N-Glow, Mendota ,Majestic, Monessen, Napoleon, Kingsman, Empire, Flame Fireplaces, FMI, and more…

Our gas fireplace service and maintenance 12 Point Inspection visit includes the following:

  • Clean both sides of the glass to remove soot and carbon
  • Start and clean pilot light assembly of carbon buildup
  • Remove carbon buildup from thermocoupler and adjust
  • Remove carbon buildup from thermopile and adjust
  • Replace glowing embers in bottom of the fireplace
  • Vacuum out soot and carbon buildup from interior of the unit
  • Start main burner flame and adjust gas flow
  • Test unit for natural gas leaks and deadly carbon monoxide exposure
  • Adjust the fireplace’s remote control unit and replace batteries
  • Replace defective wall switches
  • Test or replace the gas fireplace’s Piezo starter ignitor
  • inspect for heat safety screen or replace damaged screen

Gas fireplace service, repair, cleaning and maintenance in Katy, TX or Houston, TX metro areas.
Gas Fireplace Service, Maintenance, Repair & Cleaning

So if you need fast service, cleaning, maintenance or repair on your direct vent gas fireplace, call us today at 832-321-3758 ! Unlike most other service companies, our expert service technicians know how to service and repair both major home appliances AND gas fireplaces. We’re that good and our expert knowledge of all these products shows!

And don’t forget to let us check your gas fireplace for any natural gas leaks or deadly carbon monoxide exposure! Keep your family not only warm, but safe!

LG Appliance Repair

LG appliance repair services have become our second most requested brand of appliance requested for service today. LG washer repair, LG dryer repair and LG oven repair are services our expert appliance technicians receive calls for every day and we would love to assist you with any LG appliance-related issue you may have!

LG Appliance Repair
LG Appliance Service in the Katy or Houston, TX area

LG Appliance Repair Service Call is FREE with any Repair!

The best thing about our LG repair is our service call is essentially free if you elect to go ahead with any paid repair. Our service technicians are experts in almost all aspects of LG service and will perform an expert diagnosis once they arrive at your service address. No pressure or hassles. Either elect to have the repair performed or simply decline and only owe the standard affordable service call & diagnostic fee. It’s just that simple!

So if you find yourself in need of LG repair service, give one of our friendly appliance repair technicians a call today at (832) 321-3758!

We’re here to help!

Why does my oven not heat up?

Have you ever asked, “Why doesn’t my oven heat heat up or come on?”  If so, its possible one of the following malfunctions may be present in with your oven’s components:

  • Your oven’s bake or broil element is burned out or broken if its an electric oven. It’s made of a material called Calrod and it’s susceptible to increased chances of failure the older it gets. Check it for burn marks or breaks. Running your oven’s self clean feature is also very hard on bake and broil heating elements. If it fails to heat right after you ran a self clean function, there’s a pretty good chance one or both of those components are damaged.
  • If your oven or range is gas, its possible your oven’s solid state igniter is burned out or cracked. Its made of a material called Carborundum which is mined from the Earth, yet it’s quite brittle and susceptible to mechanical or electrical failure. Check it for cracks or burn spots.
  • Your oven’s safety thermostat could be blown. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as age, excess heat buildup, self clean feature used excessively, or a failure of your oven’s exhaust system. Checking your oven’s safety thermostat is somewhat more complicated, so you may want to call in an oven repair expert if you don’t feel comfortable checking this component.

So if you find yourself with oven, cook top or range problems, give one of our oven repair experts a call today at (832) 321-3758. It would be our pleasure to help!

oven repair
Oven not heating? Let us repair it fast!

Why does my dryer not heat up?


Have you ever asked, “Why doesn’t my dryer heat up?”, then read on.  There are many potential reasons a clothes dryer may fail to heat up, but we’ll list the more common reasons here:

a) Thermal fuse has blown out. Your dryers thermal fuse is designed for safety in mind. In fact, it’s actually considered a safety device on dryers. It’s purpose is to monitor the dryer’s internal temperature environment and cut itself off (by burning out) if the operating thermostat fails and the heat in the dryer exceeds a predetermined temperature, say 315 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, just replacing a dryer’s thermal fuse that is blown out may not solve the problem as there most likely is a root cause for the excess heat that the thermal fuse detected and cut power to the excess heat as a safety precaution.

b) Dryer’s heating element is out. On electric dryers only, the heat is produced by providing 240 volts to the wire’s coils that make up an electric dryer’s heating element. Its a common failure item, and can be replaced relatively inexpensively. Call one of our dryer repair experts for a quote if you suspect your dryer’s heating element has failed and needs replacing.

c) Dryer’s gas won’t ignite. On gas dryers, a common failure item is the dryer’s igniter, which is a solid state equivalent of a pilot light. It’s purpose it to glow white hot so that the gas is instantly ignited when the gas valves open and spray gas adjacent to it’s radiant surface.

d) Incoming power problem. A failure of the incoming power voltage to the dryer’s terminal block is also a common reason dryer’s won’t heat up.  For electric dryers, 240 volts is actually needed to make the heating element coil glow, and a common failure is that one of the two lines containing 120 volts is out, whether it be L1 (line 1) or L2 (line 2).

So if you’re wondering where your nearest appliance repair company is located that also repairs dryers, look no further.  Call one of our appliance repair technicians today at (832) 321-3758 or email us at

We’re here to help!


Appliance Parts for Sale

Appliance Parts for Sale in Houston and Katy, TX

Are you looking for “appliance parts for sale near me” or in or around Katy or Houston? If so, contact one of our appliance parts specialists today at (832) 321-3758. We carry many parts for major brands of appliances should you be looking to service your own appliance. All parts listed here are in stock and ready for pickup or delivery now!

Samsung Appliance Parts for Sale:

Samsung Electric Dryer Heating Element Assembly:  DC47-00019A

Samsung Clothes Dryer Drum Belt:  6602-001655

Samsung Drum Belt Tension Idler Assembly:  DC96-00882C or DC93-00634A

Samsung Dryer Thermal Fuse:  DC96-00887C

Samsung Dryer Drum Roller Wheel:  DC97-16782A

Samsung Dryer Thermistor Thermal Resistor:  DC32-00007A

Samsung Dryer Primary Control Board:  DC92-00123A or DC92-01606B

Samsung Dryer Primary Control Board:  DC92-00123G

Samsung Dryer Cycling Thermostat:  DC47-00017A

Samsung Dryer Cycling Thermostat:  DC47-00018A

Samsung Dryer Thermostat:  DC47-00016A

Samsung Dryer Thermostat:  DC47-00015A

Samsung High-limit Thermostat:  DC96-00887A

Samsung Front Load Washer Drain Pump Motor Assembly:  DC31-00054A

Samsung Front Load Washer Drain Pump Motor Assembly:  DC31-00054D

Samsung Front Load Washer Door Lock Latch Assembly:  DC34-00024B

Samsung Front Load Washer Door Lock Latch Assembly:  DC64-00519A

Samsung Front Load Washer Door Lock Latch Assembly:  DC64-00519B

Samsung Top Load Washer Door Lock Assembly:  DC34-00025E


LG Appliance Parts for Sale:

LG Washer Drain Pump Motor Assembly:  4681EA2001T

LG Washer Water Inlet Valve Assembly:  5221ER1003A or 5220FR2075L

LG Washer Water Inlet Valve Assembly:  5220FR2008F

LG Washer Water Inlet Valve Assembly:  5220FR2006H

LG Dryer Primary Control Board:  6871EL1013B

LG Front Load Washer Primary Control Board:  EBR78263901

LG Dryer High-limit Thermostat:  6931EL3004B

LG Dryer Cycling Thermostat: 6931EL3001E

LG Dryer Thermal Fuse:  6931EL3003C

LG Dryer Thermal Fuse:  6931EL3003D

LG Dryer Thermostat:  6931EL3002M

LG Dryer Thermistor:  6323EL2001B

LG Dryer Electric Heating Element:  5301EL1001J

LG Washer Front Door Latch / Lock Assembly:  EBF49827801

LG Washer Front Door Latch / Lock Assembly:  6601ER1004C

Kenmore Appliance Parts for Sale

Kenmore Front Load Washer Door Latch Lock Assembly:  8182634

Whirlpool Appliance Parts for Sale

Whirlpool Front Load Washer Door Latch Lock Assembly:  W10253483

Whirlpool Top Load Washer Lid Switch:  WHI 3949247

Whirlpool Washer Primary Control Board:  W10200900

Whirlpool Gas Oven Igniter:  w10918546; W10140611; 98005653; 12400035

Dryer Drum Support Roller Wheels:  WPW10314173

Dryer Drum Support Roller Wheels:  12001541

Drum Support Roller Wheels:  WP31001096

Dryer Drum Belts:  Most Common Drum Belts Used Are Available

Whirlpool Drive Motor:  WHI 279811;  WHI 279787

Whirlpool Washer Drain Pump:  W10276397

GE / Frigidaire Oven Bake Heating Element:  316075104

GE / Kenmore / Hotpoint Oven Bake Heating Element:  WB44K5012

GE / Kenmore Oven Baking Element:  WB44T10011

Ice Maker Assemblies for Sale

Whirlpool Ice Maker:  W10190965

GE Ice Maker:  ERWR30X10093

GE Ice Maker:  WR30X10093

EdgeStar Combo Washer Dryer Parts for Sale

EdgeStar Washer/Dryer Combo CWD1550 Primary Control Board

EdgeStar Washer Dryer Combo CWD1550 Heating Element

Call Houston Katy Appliance Repair for Your Appliance Parts Needs Today at (832) 321-3758 or email us at for fast parts service near you!

All appliance parts listed here are in stock and ready for pickup or delivery TODAY!

Samsung Dryer Heating Element Part
Samsung Dryer Heating Element


LG Dryer Repair Service

Looking for the nearest LG dryer repair company in Houston or Katy, TX area? Well you’ve arrived at the right location as we specialize in repairing LG dryers, both gas and electric.

Many appliance repair companies state they just don’t work on LG dryers, or any LG appliances for that matter. That’s not the case here at Houston Katy Appliance Repair. While we recognize that LG brand dryers and appliances are more technologically advanced than most other brands, our service technicians keep up with all the emerging technologies in appliances, and we have the track record to prove it.

LG Dryer Repair Service
Houston Katy LG Dryer Repair






Houston or Katy Area LG Brand Dryer Repair

Common failures requiring a call for LG dryer repair can run the gamut, however, the following are the most common reasons this brand of dryer requires an appliance repair service call.

  • LG dryer broken or frozen tension idler assembly
  • LG dryer belt broken or torn
  • LG dryer’s heating element is out or shorted
  • LG gas dryer’s igniter is burned out or won’t glow
  • LG electric dryer 240 V power cord has failed
  • LG dryer’s high limit thermostat is out
  • LG dryer’s thermistor resistance reading is out of range
  • LG dryer’s operating thermostat is out
  • LG dryer’s thermal cutoff is out
  • LG dryer’s main control board or relay is not responding

Gas or Electric LG Dryer Repair

Our expert LG dryer repair tech’s here at Houston Katy Appliance Repair can solve any LG dryer malfunction issue. And that doesn’t matter if the LG dryer is gas or electric. They are also experts at tracing down and natural gas leaks or odors that periodically can come from these units.

Houston or Katy, TX LG dryer repair
LG Dryer Repair Service


So if you need expert LG gas or electric dryer repair, call us today at (832) 321-3758 or visit us at today!

“Don’t Despair… Call Houston Katy Appliance Repair SM”


LG dryer repair service
Dryer Repair Service in Houston and Katy, TX Area


Washer and Dryer Installation Setup

Wondering where the nearest washer and dryer installation and setup company is located at in the Houston, Katy, Cypress, Richmond area? Well look no further as we are the “Go-to” company for washer and dryer hook up of any major brand, make or model of washing machine and dryer.

All Brands of Washers and Dryers Installed

Our expert appliance repair technicians here at Houston Katy Appliance Repair are very knowledgeable and experienced. They can quickly install any major brand of washing machine or dryer in the greater Houston metro area. We perform the following regularly:

  • Samsung washer and dryer installation
  • LG washer and dryer installation
  • Whirlpool washer and dryer installation
  • Maytag washer and dryer installation
  • GE washer and dryer installation
  • Kenmore washer and dryer installation
  • Bosch washer and dryer installation
  • Frigidaire washer and dryer installation


Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer
Washer & Dryer Installation

Houston Washer and Dryer Installation Service

Due to our large metro area presence, our Houston Katy Appliance Repair technicians install as many washers and dryers as any company in the city of Houston. Getting your washer and dryer installed correctly is a serious matter actually. A broken or incorrectly installed water hose, for example, could cause thousands of dollars of property damage in just a matter of seconds or minutes. Or an incorrectly installed dryer could cause a fire and untold property and other damage in seconds as well. Trust your washing machine and dryer installation to professionals who will take enormous care to make sure your property and welfare is protected. And we’ll provide you with a brand new dryer vent hose, FREE, as a courtesy… every time! And we can install either gas dryers or electric dryers!


Gas Dryer Line Yellow
Gas Dryer Installation

Washer and Dryer Installation in Katy, TX

Our appliance repair technicians also install a large number of washer and dryers in the outlying metro areas surrounding Houston, TX.  We perform washer and dryer setup services in the following areas: Cypress, TX; Fulshear, TX; Brookshire, TX; Sealy, TX; Richmond, TX; Sugar Land, TX; Bellaire, TX; Piney Point, TX; Jersey Village, TX; Memorial area, Alief area, the Heights; Downtown; River Oaks; Bear Creek; Copperfield; Spring Branch and Northwest Houston.

3-Prong to 4-Prong Electric Dryer Power Cord Change Out

We also can convert your electric dryer form a 3-prong to a 4-prong electric dryer cord. This is usually the result of moving into a new home that has the 4-prong electric outlet arrangement. The whole purpose electric standards change to the 4-prong configuration was so that the ground could be separated from the neutral. This is critical to get right as a serious accident could occur if these power cords are wired up incorrectly.

Burned Dryer Plug
Results from Incorrectly Installed Dryer Power Cord








Call one of our expert washer ad dryer setup technicians today at (832) 321-3758! And remember, “Serviced Right & On Time!”

Freezer Repair Katy
Washer and Dryer Hook Up Service



Oven Door Repair

Oven Door Repair or Replacement

Do you need an oven door repair because the door is dented or because the oven door glass is cracked? Is oven door repair needed because the frame has been bent or won’t completely close? Is your oven’s door gasket seal torn, flat and frayed or simply letting heat escape from the oven while in operation? If so, then you’ve come to the right place as we are the Houston & Katy, TX metro area’s premier oven door repair specialists! Call us at (832) 321-3758 now.

We Fix Oven Doors in Houston

Since we are the Oven Door Repair in Houston Experts, we can fix often times on a same day basis all brands of oven doors. We repair Whirlpool oven doors, KitchenAid oven doors, Maytag oven doors, Frigidaire oven doors, Five Star, GE oven doors, Dacor oven doors, Wolf oven doors, Bosch oven doors, SMEG oven doors, DCS oven doors, Jennair oven doors, Thermador oven doors, Blue Star oven doors, Gaggenau oven doors, Viking oven doors and many other brands!

Oven Door Repair Service in Katy, TX

If you need oven door repair or replacement and you live in or near Katy, Richmond, Fulshear, Sugar Land or Cypress, TX, we can assist you with oven door service often times within 24 hours, if not sooner. We repair oven door hinges, oven door gaskets and oven door frames and oven door glass nearly every single day for our customers and we can do the same for you! We offer an extremely generous warranty on all our parts and we use Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) parts as well for your piece of mind. And we stand behind all our oven door repair work 100%.

Oven Door Repair in Houston & Katy, TX
Oven Door Repair






Call Us For All Your OVEN Repair Issues

So if you find your self in need of and type of oven door or oven repair issues, just call or email one of our appliance repair specialists today and we’ll have you “cooking” in no time. Call (832) 321-3758. We are OVEN experts and we are standing by today to assist!


Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer Repair

Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer Repair Today!

Need Whirlpool Cabrio dryer repair? Is your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer squealing or making a terrible noise when the drum turns? Does your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer repair service no long produce heat? Does your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer not start when you press the Start button? If so, then you have come the the Houston & Katy, TX area’s best dryer repair experts. We repair plenty of dryers every single week and Whirlpool Cabrio dryers are among some of the best brands in terms of reliability. However, as with any mechanical device, parts can wear out and if they do, our dryer repair technicians can have you back up and “tumbling” in no time!

Whirlpool Cabrio Repair Service in Katy, TX

If you are located in Katy, TX and find you need Whirlpool Cabrio ddryer repair service, one of our certified technicians is simply one phone call or several clicks away. Our dryer repair technicians here at Houston Katy Appliance Repair repair more dryers than nearly any repair servicer in the area so we have the experience to do it right the first time.

Houston Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer Repair Available

We also perform these dryer repair services in all other areas of the Houston metro area as well. We can provide a reliable fix for the following:

  • dryer makes loud noise
  • dryer makes a loud squealing noise
  • dryer won’t start
  • dryer wont heat
  • dryer belt is broken
  • dryer heating element is out and needs replacement
  • dryer thermostat or thermal fuse is shorted
  • dryer tension idler assembly is worn out or malfunctioning

Call Us for Fast Dryer Service

Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer Repair
Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer Repair

So if your dryer appliance is on the fritz and you are wondering where is the nearest Whirlpool Cabrio dryer repair company in the area, look no further and call us at (832) 321-3758 or visit us at today! We fix dryers fast!

Don’t Despair… Call Houston Katy Appliance Repair!

Houston Cabrio Dryer Repair Katy
Cabrio Dryer Repair Services

Samsung Dryer Repair

Samsung Dryer Repair

Do you need Samsung dryer repair because your dryer will spin but doesn’t heat? Does your Samsung dryer not come on or power on at all when you press on any of the control buttons? If you require expert Samsung dryer repair in the Katy, TX, Houston, TX, Cinco Ranch or Richmond, TX metro areas, then you’ve come to the right place! We fix more Samsung dryers than any appliance repair service company in the metro area! And we have the track record to prove it.


Expert Samsung Dryer Repair in Katy, Houston & Richmond, TX

Samsung dryer repair is a common service request we receive every day here at Houston Katy Appliance Repair. Common reasons for Samsung dryer malfunctions include:

  • dryer heating element is burnt
  • dryer’s operating thermostat has failed
  • dryer’s thermal fuse has blown
  • dryer’s high-limit thermostat has gone out
  • the 2nd leg of the incoming 240 Volts has failed
  • the tensioner idler assembly switch has opened
  • dryer’s motor or start winding has failed
  • dryer’s main control board has failed
  • dryer’s input control panel has malfunctioned


Call Us Today for Samsung Dryer Repair!

Samsung Dryer Repair Houston Katy
Samsung Dryer Repair Today!




This is what a properly functioning Samsung heating element should look like while operating. If not, then you may need authorized Samsung dryer repair help so turn to a an appliance repair company that has years of experience in reliably fixing all models of Samsung dryers! In fact, we repair “tub fulls” of dryers and we can repair your dryer today. Call us at Houston Katy Appliance Repair today if you need a Samsung dryer repair expert at (832) 321-3758.

Samsung Dryer Motor Failure Repair

If your Samsung dryer has a motor or motor mount failure, call one of our Houston or Katy, TX dryer repair experts today. Below is a picture of a newly discovered Samsung dryer failure beginning to appear with frequency requiring a Samsung dryer repair.

Samsung Dryer Model Numbers Serviced:

DV328AEX/XAA03       |       DV419AEW/XAA       |       DV210AEW/XAA

DV50F9A6EVW/A2      |       DV410AEW/XAA       |       DV5471AEP/XAA

DV405ETPAWR/AA     |       DV405ETPASU/AA  |       DV350AEP/XAA02

DV328AGW/XAA          |       DV405GTPASU/AA  |       DV48J7700EW/A2


Samsung Dryer Motor Mount Failure







Samsung Dryer Repair
Samsung Dryer Repair







Samsung Dryer Parts on Our Trucks!

Because approximately 50% of the dryer repairs our technicians perform now are on Samsung branded dryers, we keep most Samsung dryer replacement parts on our service vehicle’s at all times! Therefore, we can have your Samsung dryer repaired and back up and tumbling in no time!  So call our local Samsung dryer experts today at (832) 321-3758!



Serviced Right & On Time!

Katy Samsung Dryer Repair in Houston
Samsung Dryer Repair Experts