Refrigerator Cooling Problems

Refrigerator Cooling Problems

In Houston or Katy, refrigerator cooling problems are an extremely common issue with many possible causes. Refrigerator cooling problems account for a significant percentage of refrigerator repair and other appliance repair service call requests in the Houston and Katy metro area. While it is extremely frustrating when one experiences their own refrigerator cooling problems, often times the fix can be as simple as the originating cause. Below are several reasons for your refrigerator not cooling:

  • Dirty or blocked refrigerator condenser coils:

    If your refrigerator is not cooling properly, the first culprits to suspect are dirty or blocked condenser coils. In order for the condenser coils to discharge heat and function properly, they must remain clean and be relatively free of grime or dirt. Much in the same fashion, blocked condenser coils also aren’t allowed to properly discharge heat off their surfaces. This will also result in impairment of the refrigerator’s cooling ability. Clean your refrigerator’s coils frequently and keep a nice 3-4 inch air space around the coils at a minimum;

  • Thermistor sensor problems:

    If your refrigerator cooling problems continue to exist and it’s still not cooling and you have eliminated the cause being dirty or blocked refrigerator condenser coils, your refrigerator’s thermistor sensor may be defective or getting ready to go out. The refrigerator’s thermistor constantly monitors your refrigerator’s temperature and it is directly linked to the refrigerator’s main control board. It is essentially your refrigerator’s main sensory input, much like the human eyes or fingers are to the brain. While it’s relatively inexpensive to replace, only a properly trained appliance repair specialist in the Houston or Katy area should attempt to diagnose or replace this refrigerator part;

  • Refrigerator temperature control board failure:

    If your Houston Katy refrigerator cooling problems continue and the above two issues have been cleared of cause, your refrigerator cooling problems may be due to its temperature control board becoming defective or inoperable. The refrigerator’s temperature control board provides and regulates electrical voltage which is fed to the fan motor and to the refrigerator’s compressor. High, low, irregular or even non-existent voltage can be a cause for your refrigerator not cooling. Once again, this repair service should only be attempted by a trained and qualified Houston Katy refrigerator or appliance repair technician.

The above ailments are some of the more common reasons for refrigerator cooling problems. Most are relatively inexpensive to fix, yet if any one are allowed to remain inoperable for any extended period of time, more damage can result to your refrigerators main compressor. This would result in more significant costs to repair or replace. If your Houston Katy area refrigerator is not cooling or if you simply need other appliance repair services, contact one of our Houston Katy appliance repair technicians today at (832) 321-3758 or visit us at We’re here to help!

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