Houston Refrigerator Water Line Installation

Houston Refrigerator Water Line Preparation and Installation

In Houston, one of our modern conveniences is having a refrigerator with an automatic cold water dispenser on the outside of the refrigerator or freezer’s door for fast and easy refreshment. Another convenience made possible by modern refrigerators is the automatic ice making and dispensing ability. Simply place your cup or mug underneath the refrigerator’s dispenser, and presto… a cup full of frozen ice is made instantly available without even having to open the refrigerator’s door. No modern home today would seem complete without the presence of these conveniences in our daily lives, all made possible by our modern refrigerator and freezer unit.

However, once in a while these refrigerators can experience mechanical malfunctions or even failures. Of course, if this ever occurs one telephone call to our service advisor at Houston Katy Appliance Repair will get your refrigerator back up to optimum health in no time. In some instances though, it’s quite common for families in the Houston metro area to simply desire to replace an older unit, or they’ve determined that the cost of repairing an older refrigerator just doesn’t make as much sense (and isn’t nearly as much fun) as simply replacing an older refrigerator and upgrading to a unit that is stylish and chock full of the latest features.

Refrigerator Water Line Installation Steps in Houston:

If you are one of these families in the Houston or Katy metro area who has decided to purchase a new refrigerator and you wish to install it yourself as well, the refrigerator’s water line preparation and installation is the hardest and most critical of steps in the installation and setup process. In order to properly and safely connect your new refrigerator to your home’s existing water line, follow these simple but important steps:

  1. Shut off the main water supply source at the line coming into your house. This will protect your floors from possible damage should your fittings not be properly seated and tightened. This will also ensure that while your refrigerator’s back end and electrical line is exposed, it’s not subject to a sudden blast of water causing any electrical shock, short or burn;
  2. Locate the cold water line nearest to your refrigerator unit. Clean the surface of the copper cold water line before installing a piercing-style valve in order to help eliminate contaminants from entering the water line once it’s pierced;
  3. Have already purchased an inexpensive “self-piercing saddle valve” or a “self-tapping water valve” from your local hardware store. These valves are very
    Houston Refrigerator Repair Valve
    Houston Refrigerator Repair Valve

    inexpensive yet offer the maximum in convenience as you’ll be able to attach your new refrigerator’s water intake line to your existing cold water line without having to do any cutting, drilling, welding, brazing or soldering in order to complete the job;

  4. Attach your new Houston refrigerator’s water intake line first to the non-piercing end of the saddle valve you purchased. Make sure the insertion is snug and fully secure;
  5. Next place the piercing end of your saddle valve around the portion of your cold waters’ copper line where you cleaned it of contaminants and slowly start to turn the handle of the piercing valve until the valve is flat and firmly secure against the copper pipe. Re-inspect to ensure a proper fit. The saddle valve should contain instructions indicating how this is perfected if you are unsure;
  6. Slowly turn back on the main water supply to the house. Within a few seconds, you should hear the line fill up with water as it pushes out air that had entered the line in it’s absence;
  7. After letting your new refrigerator’s water lines and systems hydrate for approximately ninety seconds, try filling a cup with water utilizing the water dispenser on the outside of the door. If everything appears fine and water has properly dispensed, pour out the water into a sink and move the refrigerator back into it’s designated space;
  8. Fill up a pitcher or two of water once again from the refrigerator’s door and discard to get rid of any impurities that way have entered the water line during installation;
  9. Allow approximately two hours for the first batch of ice to appear. Toss out the first two or three batches of ice to once again eliminate any impurities that may have entered your refrigerator initially;
  10. Smile and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

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