Samsung Washer Door Latch

Samsung Washer Door Latch Lock Repair

Are you in need of a Samsung washing machine door latch or lock repair? Has your Samsung washer door latch broken around the edges into little pieces? Will the washer’s door latch not fully seat in the door latch assembly? Will your washer door not close and the washing machine won’t start as a result? If so, you have come to the right place as we repair basket loads of Samsung washers each week in the Houston and Katy, TX surrounding areas.

The Samsung Washer Door Lock Experts

There are a myriad number of reasons why your Samsung washer’s door latch breaks and need replacement or repair. The number one reason for this is the simple act of opening and closing the washer’s door many thousands of times over the life of the machine.

The second most common reason for Samsung washer door latch lock repairs is the inadvertent slamming shut of the washer’s door. Over time, this creates micro-fractures in the door latch assembly housing and the simply grow larger with time and use until the washer door latch itself fails under the stress.

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Samsung Washer Door Latch Lock Repair
Fix Samsung Washer Door Latch

The most common washer door latch lock assembly part for a Samsung washer is #DC64-00519B or the older version #DC34-00024B. But let us take care of the trouble and the details when it comes to any Samsung washer repair in the Houston, Katy or Richmond, TX metro areas.

So if your Samsung washer door latch lock looks like this, it’s time to call one of our Samsung washer repair experts today. You’ll receive a repair done right and on time, fixed by experts who do this as part of our normal routine. Call us today at (832) 321-3758 for all your door latch, door lock or appliance repair needs today!

Samsung Washing Machine Door Latch Lock Repair
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